May 19, 2016

Day of Discovery @ Beaney House


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Beaney House, Canterbury, Kent

To celebrate the International Year of Light & Light-based Technologies, scientists from the School of Physical Sciences Applied Optics Group held a Day of Discovery at Canterbury’s Beaney House of Art & Knowledge. This event was open to the public and allowed visitors to discuss the world leading research carried out by the Group as well as experience hands on activities involving models and demonstration kits to explore image formation in the human eye and in modern cameras.

Visitors to the event also had the opportunity to investigate infra-red light by taking a thermal imaging selfie, and learn about how the techniques used by the Optics Group use near infra-red light to image the back of the eye.

Two ESRs from the UBAPHODESA programme participated in this showcase of science event to the public.


  • Michael Maria, ESR
  • Catherine Chin, ESR

manuel IR