Work shadowed for 1 week


5th to 9th of September

Felix was work shadowed for one week by an A-level student named Jack Carpenter. Jack took the advantage of having to get some work experience to explore the daily life as a PhD student in optics.
During the week Jack got introduced to the principles of the research carried out in the applied optics group and had the chance to experience research at its roots.
After a rather theoretical Monday with introduction to light, laser, laser safety and optical coherence tomography, did the other four days meant doing actual work in the labs.
During the week did Jack and Felix visit different researcher of the applied optics group and asked to be introduced to their research and if they were allowed to assist. In this way Jack got an overview of what the group is doing and learned from the experts how they are carrying out their research.
Jack and Felix got introduced to optical coherence tomography angiography by Manuel Marques and Sophie Caujolle, swept source lasers by Prof. emer. Dave Jackson and Mike Everson, to high power supercontinuum and photoacoustic microscopy by Magalie Bondu. But Jack also got introduced to the work Felix is carrying out on adaptive optics.
After one week full of optics, interference and many other interesting research did Jack left with a good feeling to have a proper introduction to optics and what the life of a PhD student feels like. It was a very interesting week not only for Jack but also for us researchers as an interested and curious young fellow came to challenge us with tricky questions to our research and motivations.
We would like to thank the University of Kent for allowing such an exciting week, Jack as he was a pleasure to have around, but also all the group members as they contributed to the success of this work shadowing.


In picture: Sophie Caujolle, Mike Everson, Felix Fleischhauer, Manuel Marques, Jack Carpenter and Magalie Bondu (underlined are UBAPHODESA project member)