May 3, 2016

Associate partner

As part of the agreement, the University of Kent leads the project and provide the academic component of the education. NKT Photonics provides the industrial expertise.

Because the main application of the SC is in medical applications via optical coherence tomography (OCT), two associated partners covering two different areas of medical diagnostic are drawn into the network, the Institute of Ophthalmology (IO) of the University College London and Northwick Park Hospital (NPH) London.

As the main application of OCT is ophthalmology, to enhance this component as well as that of entrepreneurial education, Optos Plc, the largest UK manufacturer of imaging systems for the eye including OCT systems, is co-opted as an associated partner. Further academic input on the physics of SC is provided by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Together, the 4 associated partners will complement the training, significantly adding to its interdisciplinarity.

Here a list of all the main associate partners with short description can be found.

Apart from that, the UBAPHODESA project also involves several other partners closely associated to the University of Kent research. These partners visit the Applied Optics Group regularly for schedule lectures, teleconference with the researchers for progress update and to provide specialised support in their field of research.

  • Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust Hospital
  • Medway School of Pharmacy
  • Kent School of Biosciences