May 3, 2016

Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL

The Institute of Ophthalmology (IO) is the oldest vision and brain sciences research institute in Europe, undertaking the mission to further understanding the process of human visions and to improve therapeutic strategies for patients. As part of the University College London (UCL), the institute has strong partnership with Moorfield’s Eye Hospital NHS Trust to provide practical opportunity for clinical collaboration in teaching and learning.

To enhance the experience of our early stage researchers, several specialists from IO and NPH will deliver training on high resolution imaging for ophthalmology and endoscopy using the supercontinuum light sources. This is a new area of research that promises breakthrough in high resolution imaging for improved diagnosis of eye diseases.

Clinicians from associated partners contribute to lectures to the teaching of postgraduate courses to the PhD students. Among these are:

The expertises of our associated partners are sought for collaboration on exciting new research in the UBAPHODESA projects. We have identified the following clinical interest in using OCT and supercontinuum sources:

  • biochemical sensing of ischaemia/apoptosis
  • labelling of membrane molecular markers
  • spectroscopic OCT
  • detecting of proteins in the eye

As part of the work package planned, each of the five ESRs has the opportunity to work on one of the project with our associated partners during their stay at the University of Kent. Located in Islington in central London, the Institute provides easy access for our fellows to collaborate.