May 3, 2016

Northwick Park Hospital

The Northwick Park Hospital (NPH) is part of the London North West Healthcare NHS Trust. Located in London Borough of Brent, it serves patients from across north west London area. As an NHS Hospital, it also provides teaching for medical students of Imperial College London.

Since the late 2000, NPH has extensive medical research in ENT (ear, nose and throat), endoscopy of the larynx and on imaging the ear. Through more recent adoption of OCT technologies, this field of research has seen improvement in patient diagnosis and treatment.

Though NPH as an associated partner in UBAPHODESA, the early stage researchers have access to supervised imaging the larynx, the eye lid, the face, the ear, the mouth tissues and biopsied tissue and on phantoms. This will allow OCT systems developed in Kent, equipped with NKT supercontinuum sources, to be extensively deployed for clinical trials.

Dr Taran Tatla, a specialist and consultant surgeon from NPH provides expertise in this area.