May 3, 2016

Technical University of Denmark

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is the leading centre for engineering research and education in Denmark. Founded in 1829, it’s the oldest technical university in the country, and the largest public research institute in northern Europe. Located in the neighbourhood of Kongens Lyngby, DTU offers state of the art research infrastructures via public-private partnerships with industries in Denmark.

DTU is particularly well known for cutting-edge science in physics, engineering and photonics. DTU Fotonik, the Department for Photonics Engineering, is a dynamic department specialised in a wide range of research in the field of light, such as:

    • Tapered photonic crystal fibers
    • Mid-infrared fiber optics
  • Supercontinuum light generation
  • Solitons and nonlinear effects
  • Fiber sensors and couplers
  • Numerical modelling of nonlinear pulse propagation

As one of the associated partner, DTU Department of Photonics is responsible for the role of supervisory and providing academic training in laser physics. Professor Ole Bang, the group leader of fibre sensing and supercontinuum, is taking up this role in the UBAPHODESA project.

OleProfessor Ole Bang has headed the Fiber Sensors & Supercontinuum group at DTU Fotonik since 2004. The group manufactures its own microstructured polymer optical fibers and are world leading in polymer fiber Bragg grating sensing and in supercontinuum laser technology and its applications in imaging. Ole Bang has supervised 33 PhD students and  published 190 journal papers, 1 book, 5 book chapters, and 200+ conference papers. He has 2 granted patents on fiber tapers and supercontinuum generation and he has established the spin-off company SHUTE Sensing Solutions. He has 6685 ISI citations and an ISI citation h-index of 45

Through academic and industrial connections with DTU Fotonik, the 5 early stage researchers are also given access to projects undertaken by PhD students in Professor Bang’s group.