All students have swapped study places

Magalie BONDU, Sophie CAUJOLLE, Catherine CHIN, Felix FLEISCHHAUER and Michael MARIA

July 2016

Today all UBAPHODESA students have swapped their study places from one partner (NKT Photonics or University of Kent) to the other. As all of us stay half of our PhD time at each partner, this means all of us have completed at least half of our PhD studies. A lot of interesting experiments and challenges are waiting for us in Denmark and the United Kingdom.

As an overview, Michael and Catherine moved to Denmark in September 2015 and February 2016, respectively. Felix moved first to the United Kingdom in March, followed by Sophie in May and Magalie in July 2016.

We are all looking forward to the second half of our PhD and working with different people in a different country!


People in the image from left to right: Magalie BONDU, Sophie CAUJOLLE, Prof. Dr, George DOBRE, Dr. Thomas FEUCHTER, Michael MARIA, Prof. Dr. Adrian PODOLEANU, Manuel MARQUES (non-UBAPHODESA researcher from the Applied Optics Group), Felix FLEISCHHAUER, Yong HU (non-UBAPHODESA researcher from the Applied Optics Group) and Catherine CHIN