Photonics West 2017

Photonics West 2017

Attended by Catherine Chin, Sophie Caujolle, Michael Maria and Adrian Podoleanu

Between 28th January and 2nd February 2017, UBAPHODESA members were presence at the annual Photonics West 2017 in San Francisco, California, USA. Applied Optics Group, in conjunction with industrial partner NKT Photonics and associate partner DTU Photonics, had a contributed to a total of 6 peer reviewed oral presentations and 2 posters in peer reviewed conferences.

In addition to that, we also have

  • A. Podoleanu in the committee of 2 conferences and chairing 2 sub-conferences
  • A. Podoleanu, semifinalist in the PW Startup Challenge
  • Students manning the NKT Booth (both in BiOS and main exhibitions)
  • Launch of the flyer on the 2nd Canterbury Conference, 6-8 Sept. 2017


Presentation by UBAPHODESA researchers

A comparative study of noise in supercontinuum light sources for ultra-high resolution optical coherence tomography at 1300 nm [10056-20]
M. Maria, I. B. Gonzalo, M. M. Bondu, R. D. Engelsholm, T. Feuchter, P. M. Moselund, L. Leick, A. G. Podoleanu, O. Bang

Polarization extinction ratio and polarization dependent intensity noise analyses in long-pulse supercontinuum generation  [10089-20](abstract)
C. Chin, R. D. Engelsholm, P. M. Moselund, T. Feuchter, L. Leick, A. Podoleanu, O. Bang

Multimodal optical coherence tomography and multispectral photoacoustic microscopy with a single supercontinuum source: studying the influence of the source noise [10064-161]
M. Bondu, P. M. Moselund, L. Leick, A. Podoleanu

Phase-sensitive, complex-domain master-slave interferometry [10053-86]
M. J. Marques, S. M. Caujolle, S. Rivet, A. Bradu, A. Podoleanu


Presentation by our partners at AOG Kent

Master/slave based optical coherence tomography for in-vivo, real-time, long axial imaging range of the anterior segment [10045-41]
A. Bradu, S. Rivet, A. Podoleanu

pdf-logo  powerpoint-icon-3  ORAL PRESENTATION
Polarization-sensitive plug-in optical module for a Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography system [10053-46] (abstract)
M. J. Marques, S. Rivet, A. Bradu, A. Podoleanu

Master/slave: the ideal tool for coherence revival based optical coherence tomography imaging instruments [10053-62] (abstract)
A. Bradu, S. Rivet, A. Podoleanu

Replacing the Fourier transformation in optical coherence tomography with multiple comparison operations [10076-46]
A. Bradu, S. Rivet, A. Podoleanu


Presentation by our partners at NKT Photonics

Farries et al. [10060-32]
Jain et al. [10083-43]
Huot et al. [10088-18]
Muliar et al. [10130-28]

Presenters names underlined

Some highlights from the event

Look into our Photonics West photo galley

Conferences, talks and presentations


Presentation of the Fourier transformation in master/slave OCT by Prof. Adrian Podoleanu (Univ. of Kent)


Presentation by Catherine Chin on the polarisation noise and polarisation extinction ratio of supercontinuum generation


Poster session presented by Sophie Caujolle and Manuel Marques on “Phase-sensitive, complex-domain master-slave” interferometry. Picture with (fromleft to right): Prof. Adrian Podoleanu, Michael Maria, Sophie Caujolle, Manuel Marques, Ole Bang


Poster session presented by Adrian Podoleanu from Magalie Bondu work on “Multimodal optical coherence tomography and multispectral photoacoustic microscopy with a single supercontinuum source: studying the influence of the source noise” Picture with (from left to right): Prof. Adrian Podoleanu, Sophie Caujolle, Michael Maria, Manuel Marques

NKT Photonics exhibitions



UBAPHODESA members Sophie Caujolle (2nd from left) and Michael Maria (3rd from right) joining the NKT team at exhibition booth.


 Cozy UBAPHODESA members Catherine Chin and Michael Maria setting up high-resolution micron-OCT system at BiOS exhibition.

For NKT Photonics exhibitions visit NKT Photonics Official Facebook Page


Beside the opportunity to present our work, Photonics West was a real good opportunity to talk with other group members in our field and exchange about our project and challenges.


Sophie took the chance to stay a little bit longer to visit San Francisco.
Picture taken in the financial district in San Francisco from a cable car.

We would like to thank the European Commission Marie Curie Actions FP7-People-2013-ITN for the opportunity to travel to such an event and share our work in the UBAPHODESA project (project number 607627) with other peers in our area of research.