Postgraduate Festival 2017


16th of May 2017

The University of Kent organised a Postgraduate Festival in the newly build Sibson Building, next to our old charming Photonics building. The Applied Optics Group, and therefore the UBAPHODESA project, was well represented.

Sophie and Felix presented a poster about their research, with the titles:
“Embryo Evolution by swept source optical coherence tomography”, for Sophie
“Visible light spectroscopic low coherence interferometry using a supercontinuum source”, for Felix

Magalie presented a picture that represent her work: “Multimodal Biomedical Imaging”.

The final of the University of Kent 3MT competition took place in the morning. Magalie won the competition, and £600 to go to conferences. Next step is the semi-finals of the UK.

(from left to right) George Dobre, Miroslav Duris, Felix Fleischhauer, Tomas Pola, Michael Hughes, Magalie Bondu, Mikkel Jensen, Adrian Podoleanu, Sophie Caujolle, Mike Everson.

Full article available here

Update from August 2017: unfortunately Magalie didn’t make it to the 3MT UK finals.