Workshop on supercontinuum sources and bioimaging applications such as OCT

NKT Photonics A/S (Denmark)
24th to 25th of September 2015

First Workshop!

This workshop is part of the EID network-wide training event to discuss progress of the UBAPHODESA project between partners in the consortium, and to allow the early stage researchers to present their results. The workshop is a two-day event consists of presentations by ESRs, presentations by supervisors, short lectures on ethics, training in entrepreneurship as well as training in IPR (featuring speaker from Hegner & Partners).

The summary of the workshop is as follow:


  1. Lasse Leick (NKT)
  2. Adrian Podoleanu (Univ. of Kent)
  3. George Dobre (Univ. of Kent)


  1. Michael Maria, ESR (NKT)
  2. Catherine Chin, ESR (Univ. of Kent)
  3. Sophie Caujolle, ESR (NKT)
  4. Felix Fleischhauer, ESR (NKT)
  5. Magalie Bondu, ESR (NKT)
  6. Manuel Marques, PhD at Kent
  7. Yong Hu, PhD at Kent

External technical speakers

  1. Gergor Jemec (Roskilde Hospital, Denmark)
  2. Lotte Themstrup (Roskilde Hospital, Denmark)
  3. Deepak Jain, DTU
  4. Niels Møller Israelsen, DTU
  5. Rasmus Engelsholm, DTU
  6. Dominik Marti, DTU

IP and innovation presentations

    1. Anette Hegner, Hegner & Partners
  1. Peter E. Andersen, DTU
  2. Thor Ansbæk, OCTLight

Resources and selected presentations of this workshop can be found here.